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The light goes out on Morrissey’s US Tour

The light goes out on Morrissey’s US Tour

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Morrissey has released a furious diatribe following the cancellation of his tour in which he blasts his management, ranks his audiences and slams previous venues. According to a statement released by the musician on the fansite True To You, the blame lay with his US management company. It seems that financial issues have plagued the tour, which saw the final six shows cancelled. L.A.-based 360 Management had been in control of the tour’s finances since August. Morrissey stated that “there was apparently not even enough money to transport the touring party to the next scheduled city”. Their funds evaporated following a show in Boulder, Colorado. His scathing explanation of the cancellations included the criticism that “360 Management faded out as quickly as they had faded in.” H
Are London Street buskers being ‘criminalised’?

Are London Street buskers being ‘criminalised’?

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The streets of London are a stage to all aspiring musicians. However, with the recent introductory of busking licences in Camden a concern for the future of busking has emerged. Isn't it amazing how the streets of London curate symphonies with melodies, sounds and voices of different musicians? For years London has been a hub for the live music scene. Famous artists such as Ed Sheeran and Robin Williams are amongst those who started off their careers as buskers. So, be aware, next time you walk past a busker. They may be the very next star. However recently Camden council fined Beatboxer Fredy Garcia £1000 for busking without a license. Camden Town, well known for it's musicality has been criticised for it's controversial busking regulations. Street musician Jonnie Walker,

A very British national anthem: should England have its own?

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A last chance rush for the bar ensued in a crowded north London pub on Saturday the 19th of March as the English and French rugby teams emerged onto the pitch of the Stade de France in Paris. The last game of the Six Nations between historic rivals England and France was about to begin, and with championship victory already secured England fans were in high spirits, hopeful for a five of five grand slam win. The teams lined up for the traditional rendition of the national anthems and as the opening drum roll of God Save the Queen began a distinct hush, punctuated by the odd clinking of glass, descended upon the ensemble crowd. But the uncharacteristic vigour with which the anthem was sung by both the players and supporters over on the continent failed to be matched by the north London

Is Dancehall music to blame for the surge in young men bleaching?

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Would you do anything to be beautiful? Some people are killing themselves in the pursuit of lighter skin and using skin bleaching products. A trend for young men to whiten their skin is emerging. But, why?   It seems lately more Dancehall artists are singing about wanting to have lighter skin.     There appears to be a growing trend for young men in London from Afro-Caribbean, African, Asian and mixed-race backgrounds to bleach their skin. These Londoners are going to extremes to lighten their skin, risking their health using banned toxic lotions, gulping down dangerous whitening pills and washing with caustic soap. Certain East London shops are currently facing a £20,000 fine for being caught selling toxic skin lightening cosmetics.    
More diversity in 2017, promises Brit Awards chairman

More diversity in 2017, promises Brit Awards chairman

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Next year’s edition of the Brit Awards will see more black and ethnic representation, Brits chairman Ged Doherty has said. Last week’s event received widespread criticism for failing to give black music its due recognition and for ignoring the achievements of black artists. The controversy even led to creation of the Oscar-style hashtag #BritsSoWhite, which was soon trending on social media. Great to chat to @Trelowe & @bignarstie about #BritsSoWhite on @5_News To.... — Matt Barbet (@MattBarbet) 24 February 2016 Responding to the controversy, Doherty has written an open letter to the Guardian, in which he has promised to change the makeup of the 1,100-strong voting academy. At present, he suspects “ it is largely white an

Friends and fans stand by Kesha

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Celebrities including Lady GaGa, Iggy Azalea and Ariana Grande, have shown solidarity with singer Kesha, after a New York Judge, Shirley Kornreich, denied her request to leave Sony owned music label, Kemosabe Records, over sexual abuse claims. In her ruling on Friday the judge said: "There has been no showing of irreparable harm." Buzzfeed reported. Kesha, 29, whose full name is Kesha Rose Sebert, filed a lawsuit against Lukasz Sebastian Gottwald, known in music circles as Dr Luke, in 2014 alledging the 41-year-old producer had drugged, sexually and psychologically tormented her. Dr Luke denies the claims stating that the allegations are malicious lies and "defamatory". According to he filed a counter lawsuit accusing her and her mother, and management team of m
Biggest ever changes to Eurovision Song Contest’s voting

Biggest ever changes to Eurovision Song Contest’s voting

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This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will have new voting rules, the organiser announced on Thursday. Instead of combining jury votes in one go, votes will be split, with each country being awarded a set of points separately, in the up-coming contest. Then, public votes will be tallied, and the score of each song will be calculated and announced at the very end. A video explainer of how the new voting system will work. This is the biggest change to the voting in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1975. The same voting system will be used in the semi-finals as well. “All competitions are enhanced by creating a dramatic finish.” Eurovision Song Contest Producer, Christer Björkman, said. For several years, the audience has known the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest

Lady Gaga slammed for milking Bowie’s tribute

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When Lady Gaga paid tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy awards, many thought she had delivered an exceptional standing ovation performance. However, some of  the late performers fans including his son, Duncan Jones, were less thrilled. Bowie was well known for being music’s greatest “self- reinventor”. He mimed his way through a show splashed with glitter and wearing insane amounts of eye make-up. In a few words, Bowie has done it all. His son, Duncan Jones, slammed Gaga after her tribute performance to his father at the music show on Monday. Duncan seemed to have not been impressed with the singer’s rendition of Bowie’s ten best songs as part of her tribute. Just minutes after Gaga took to the stage as Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Duncan twitted that he was confused

The Super Bowl turned 50 and Beyonce turned heads.

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 The Super Bowl in its 50th edition lived up to the expectations. From Beyonce’s "Black Power" to Chris Martin's "believe in love" it was all over the social media. Watched by over 100 million people, the halftime show is probably among the most watched TV events of the year, hence, it always has a line-up of A-list artists and performers. With every appearance on the field, a wave of posts on various social media channels was there to welcome it. Lady GaGa’s dramatic rendition of the US national anthem at the beginning of the game had the first wave. Lady Gaga is one of the world's great musical talents & her super bowl stint did nothing but confirm that. I think she is beeyootiful! — carl reiner (@carlreiner) February 8, 2016   Some even argued that it should
Zayn Malik’s solo debut Pillow Talk tops UK singles charts

Zayn Malik’s solo debut Pillow Talk tops UK singles charts

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Zayn Malik’s week-old single shoots to number one position on UK charts. The hit song – the singer’s debut since his departure from One Direction – has already raked up combined sales of 112,000 including 4.97 million streams, according to Official Charts Company. These figures make Pillow Talk the fastest selling track of 2016 thus far. Malik’s sensual single has knocked last week’s number one – Shawn Mendes’ Stitches – to third place this week. Jonas Blue’s Fastcar, a dance version of Tracy Chapman’s 1988 hit song has taken the second spot. Pillow Talk is a far bolder song than any of the previous tracks the singer made when part of the sensational pop group One Direction. The erotic video sees Malik and his model girlfriend Gigi Hadid get physically up close and extrem