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New mums learn from the web

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Many of us rely on Google results and YouTube videos to learn new things.  Whether you want to learn how to tie a tie (didn’t mum teach you?), which phone to buy or what colour to wear this spring - there is always an instructional video that can help. By  Deeksha Sharma Sub-editor- Samiksha Pattanaik The same applies to parenting.  Guides are found in books, magazines, online and now, thanks to Channel Mum  can be found as a series of video blogs. The YouTube channel has been created by Siobhan Freegard, founder of Netmums, a website providing mothers with all the information they need to raise their child. “No one can be perfect,” says Freegard, “It’s all about being good enough.” After the popularity of Netmums, the YouTube channel aims to connect people with the more emotion