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Volunteers plant trees as part of city hall campaign

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London’s newest urban woodland which is being created in Southall in Ealing borough is taking shape. The charity, Trees for Cities  recently organised its second mass planting exercise which brought the total number of trees planted so far on King George’s field to 15, 000. The goal is to plant 20,000 trees along the edge of the park. According to the charity, the woodland will provide a serene atmosphere where locals can relax and also forage. “This woodland is an edible woodland so as these trees grow, local communities [and] the children obviously will be able to come here, pick fruits and nuts and berries. “It will be great for their health, education, for the community itself and wildlife. So it has multiple benefits,” said David Elliott, Chief Executive of Trees for Cit

London Pancake Day 2016- what the flip is it all about?

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If your mother ever told you “Don’t play with your food!”, then Pancake Day is the one day every year where it is perfectly fine to do so. Pancake Day, which is celebrated the day before Ash Wednesday is also known as Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras. Over the 40-days of Lent, people fast from ‘rich foods’ in favour of plain food. In London, not everyone one eats their pancakes, but they also play with them. Across the city, there are many races to traditionally mark the beginning of Lent, such as the Great Spitalfields Pancake Race and the Leadenhall Market Pancake Race. One of the popular Shrove Tuesday events is the annual Parliamentary Pancake Race organised by the charity Rehab. The Pancake Race, which is in its 19th year, was held in Victoria Tower Gardens nex