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Rihanna’s  third Fenty Puma collection to be a part of the Paris Fashion Week 2017

Rihanna’s third Fenty Puma collection to be a part of the Paris Fashion Week 2017

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It is the innovative time of the year: The Fashion Week of Europe have begun. Just as in the previous week Milan’s Fashion Week has completed the preparation and work for Fashion week of Paris have begun. One of the special parts for the viewers to watch out for would be Rihanna’s new Fenty Puma collection.   Rihanna will show her 3rd #FENTYxPUMA by Rihanna collection in Paris on March 6th. — Rihanna News (@TeamOfRihanna) February 3, 2017 Following her debut last year, the popular singer Rihanna is also to be expected at this year’s Paris fashion week. Where the viewers can excitingly await her third Fenty Puma collection on the 6th of March 2017. The Paris fashion week is set to be from the 28th February till the 8th March 2017. Which will m
Who Wears the Skirts?

Who Wears the Skirts?

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“I want to be a man” is her dream; Dinu’s ultimate dream ever since she can remember. Struggled through school dress codes, family’s understanding, and especially her mother’s happiness, Dinu was finally given an option to at least wear trousers instead of skirts at the age of seven. You could say she is a lucky one when compared to her friend, who was labelled a “she-male” “They basically called him she-male and you are not a woman because you have something between your legs and it didn’t matter for them the way she feels inside.” Dinu relived her childhood, telling a story of a friend who shared the same dream -- A dream to live a true self. It has been twenty-five years since Dinu's mother gave her the option of clothing, and today she is eagerly awaiting the operation of her
How the click-happy consumer is killing bricks and mortar shopping

How the click-happy consumer is killing bricks and mortar shopping

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The High Street has been a key part of our nation’s style for a long time - but are we turning our backs and turning on our smartphones for online shopping? Trips to the shops with your parents as a toddler, or those first clandestine meetings with boys as a teen, and then eventually the trips where you buy what you need, rather than simply what you want. And yet footfall dropped one per cent in November according to the latest forecast from the British Chambers of Commerce, despite tempting Black Friday offers. Are these rites of passage changing? Where are the toddlers begging for a new toy, the gaggle of girls rushing past a similar gang of boys? And where am I, supposedly buying a ‘sensible’ dress for job interviews but actually trying on sequin skirts? We’re all online, that’s wh

The risks of cosmetic surgery that media didn’t tell you

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A record number of Britons went under knife for beauty in 2015. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, here's what you should know. New data from the British Association of Anesthetic Plastic Surgeons shows the number of cosmetic surgery operations reached a record in 2015, with more than 50,000 surgical procedures - an 13% increase on the year before. The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery reflects the recovering economy and increasing influence from media and celebrity, according to Dr. Nilesh Sojitra, consultant surgeon and member of British Association of Anesthetic Plastic Surgeon (BAAPS). In the past few years, more celebrities are willing to openly talk about their cosmetic operation like Patricia Heaton, who said in Ron Jacobsohn's interview, "my philosophy is, you

Is Dancehall music to blame for the surge in young men bleaching?

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Would you do anything to be beautiful? Some people are killing themselves in the pursuit of lighter skin and using skin bleaching products. A trend for young men to whiten their skin is emerging. But, why?   It seems lately more Dancehall artists are singing about wanting to have lighter skin.     There appears to be a growing trend for young men in London from Afro-Caribbean, African, Asian and mixed-race backgrounds to bleach their skin. These Londoners are going to extremes to lighten their skin, risking their health using banned toxic lotions, gulping down dangerous whitening pills and washing with caustic soap. Certain East London shops are currently facing a £20,000 fine for being caught selling toxic skin lightening cosmetics.    

“Wig or Frizz”: black hair and Identity

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As the “Black lives matter” campaign rages on in the USA, some may be asking how much of it has reignited black pride sentiments in countries like the UK.  Just before the largest natural hair show “Natural Hair week” kicks off in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham from 30 April to 7 May, we take a look at how hair is becoming a revived statement of black pride among women living in the UK. Black hair, black pride The 60s and 70s are quite significant for black civil rights movements in America and the creative forms of protest that black Americans used to draw attention to self-determination. Elaborate hairstyles became some of the big statements adopted by black icons like Grace Jones, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Lionel Richie and the commodores among others, to reflect pride a
When make-up becomes art: Georgina Graham presented the new limited edition collection of KIKO Milano at Covent Garden

When make-up becomes art: Georgina Graham presented the new limited edition collection of KIKO Milano at Covent Garden

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International Make-up artist Georgina Graham presented The Artist, the new KIKO Milano collection inspired by the world of art in an event at Covent Garden on Saturday. The Artist collection is an explosion of colour created to mix and experiment with colours that allow you to paint endless beautiful looks. “I think summer 2016 is going to be about experimenting with all colours. Its not one colour, it’s the colour that makes you feel happy”, said Georgina Graham during the event. The eyes come to the forefront with the eyeliner’s adjustable stroke and the high pigment eye shadows ensuring a long lasting effect and the lips are lit up by brightly –coloured lipstick. As if she was painting in a canvas, Graham created three different masterpieces over various types of skin

Fashion Week kicks off in London

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The 63rd edition of London Fashion Week (LFW) has returned to Brewer Street Car Park on Friday. See highlights from the shows of the first day above. Over the coming five days, the mega event will see 83 designers showcase their Autumn/Winter 2016 collections to buyers, fashion press and guests. This season’s ranges include ready-to wear, footwear, jewellery, bags and multi-label showrooms. Although the audience of London Fashion Week has traditionally been restricted to fashion industry insiders and VIPs only, this year guests can watch shows live on 60 outdoor screens across the country. Thanks to British Fashion Council’s collaboration with Ocean Outdoor, screens have been set up in Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, G

Lady Gaga slammed for milking Bowie’s tribute

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When Lady Gaga paid tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammy awards, many thought she had delivered an exceptional standing ovation performance. However, some of  the late performers fans including his son, Duncan Jones, were less thrilled. Bowie was well known for being music’s greatest “self- reinventor”. He mimed his way through a show splashed with glitter and wearing insane amounts of eye make-up. In a few words, Bowie has done it all. His son, Duncan Jones, slammed Gaga after her tribute performance to his father at the music show on Monday. Duncan seemed to have not been impressed with the singer’s rendition of Bowie’s ten best songs as part of her tribute. Just minutes after Gaga took to the stage as Bowie’s alter ego Ziggy Stardust, Duncan twitted that he was confused
Vogue 100: A Century of Style opens today

Vogue 100: A Century of Style opens today

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For the first time in history, 280 prints from the Conde Nest Archive and international collections are on display at the National Portrait Gallery.  The exhibition is part of Vogue's centenary celebrations. Westminster World received an invitation to attend the exhibition’s public opening. The exhibition houses a number of recognisable English faces. Fashion icon and pioneer of the 90s 'grunge' trend, Kate Moss features in controversial underwear shots. Iconic British band, The Beatles also hang alongside photographs of the first Lady Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher. Despite the large variety of faces, fashion still remains the focus. The exhibition houses a series of Second World War photographs by Vogue’s official war correspondent, Lee Miller. His photographs showcase the