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Italy’s President says the result of the referendum is a reflection of a “solid democracy”

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The President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, has spoken for the first time since the resignation of his Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi.   In a tweet released this morning by Quirinal Palace, Mr Mattarella’s residence, the leader of the Republic said that the large number of voters in the Referendum was a “testimony of a solid democracy from a passionate country, capable of an active participation”. He also called for “serenity and reciprocal respect” to face the new political situation and the “actual problems” in the country. His intervention is an attempt to calm the voices who are calling for populism. #Quirinale, Il Presidente della Repubblica, Sergio #Mattarella, ha rilasciato la seguente dichiarazione: — Quirinale Uff Stampa (@Quirinale) 5 de diciembre

The risks of cosmetic surgery that media didn’t tell you

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A record number of Britons went under knife for beauty in 2015. If you are considering cosmetic surgery, here's what you should know. New data from the British Association of Anesthetic Plastic Surgeons shows the number of cosmetic surgery operations reached a record in 2015, with more than 50,000 surgical procedures - an 13% increase on the year before. The growing popularity of cosmetic surgery reflects the recovering economy and increasing influence from media and celebrity, according to Dr. Nilesh Sojitra, consultant surgeon and member of British Association of Anesthetic Plastic Surgeon (BAAPS). In the past few years, more celebrities are willing to openly talk about their cosmetic operation like Patricia Heaton, who said in Ron Jacobsohn's interview, "my philosophy is, you
Gender imparity: Fewer women are seen in broadcasting jobs

Gender imparity: Fewer women are seen in broadcasting jobs

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Despite the fact we all can quickly recall a scene of Louise Minchin reporting while sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa, women are insufficiently present on TV. Gender imparity is widely seen in the broadcast media industry, as one out of every four experts shown on British programmes is female, reported a research group from the school of Broadcasting at City University London. The UK does not lack outstanding women, but not enough females were being invited into the studio to make their voice known to the public. Broadcasting serves as an important public channel and greatly affects the conception of the society. A lack of women representation on TV resulted in fewer public female role models and also a lower recognition of women’s achievements across the country. Imbalanced ge
‘Affordable housing’ another empty Conservative promise…

‘Affordable housing’ another empty Conservative promise…

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London’s housing crisis continues to escalate. The reality is with inflated house prices and soaring rents young Londoners are being driven out of the capital. With a new wave of 'generation rent' and controversial social housing issues, more and more Londoners have taken to the streets to express their growing discontent against the government's new Housing Bill. 'Affordable housing' appears a misnomer as new official figures reported that nearly 20 per cent of first time buyers paid record £500,000-plus for the privilege of purchasing a London home. According to KPMG research, first time buyers in London ‘need to earn at least £77,000’ to get on to the London property ladder that is nearly double the UK average salary. highlight the average London salary is £27K-£45K

UK net migration dips but migration target unclear

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The Office of National Statistics claims net migration dipped slightly. The data has stimulated further debate about UK borders. The ONS published data suggesting that net migration in the UK has dipped from its all-time-high of +330,000 back in mid-2015, down to +323,000. Of the 617,000 people who entered into the UK, at least 257,000 were EU-citizens. Another 273,000 arrivals were from non-EU countries. About half of the people who entered the UK during this period came for work-related reasons, or to study, according to the figures. UKIP leader Nigel Farage seized on the information and took to Twitter. Mr Farage gave a rough estimate for the preferred level of net migration that UKIP would aim for in an inte

Is London the Solution for Chinese Same-sex Marriage?

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Homosexuality is no longer a taboo word in China, but same-sex marriage has yet to be approved by the Chinese law. While London provides freedom and tolerance for the couples, they have to make a choice between their lover and homeland. “I never think about marriage, because I know it’s impossible for me to have our relationship accepted by the law and the public", says Misa, 23 years old, international student from China, gay. China disapproves same-sex marriage. The Marriage Law of the People's Republic of China explicitly defines marriage as the union between one husband and one wife. Even though it does not specify it as "one man and one woman", none of the homosexual couples has been recognized by the law. However, at the beginning of the New Year, the authority was challen

Corbyn clashes with Cameron over Google tax deal

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Photo by Danny Marten using Following talks with government ministers, Google agreed to pay HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) a sum of £130m; a sum that has been criticised as being far too low. Tax Campaigner and blogger Richard Murphy was quoted as saying: “It would be entirely reasonable to expect a corporate tax rate of at least £200 million should have been due in 2014.” However, Google has agreed to pay HMRC £130 million for the previous ten years; they may be paying as little as 5% corporation tax (tax on profit) rather than the 20% insisted on by UK law.   The Prime Minister hit back angrily, saying: “Tell Jeff that under this government, his taxes are going down and Google’s taxes are going up.” He continued: “Under Labour, Google were taxed at 0%

House prices soar almost 8% in London, as inflation remains muted

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The cost of housing soared 7.7% in the year to October 2015, the Office of National Statistics has revealed.   The 7.7 per cent increase in London house prices was above the rise in the national average, which saw a rise of 7 per cent. Scottish housing saw the weakest rise in prices, at just 0.9 per cent. During the same period, Consumer Price inflation remained muted, with a rise of just 0.1% in the year to November 2015.   Hidden depths The headline inflation figures are low, but inflation can vary, depending on which social groups people belong to. For example, young people moving to London will face rising housing costs, as they climb the housing ladder for the first time. Linda Yueh, the BBC's chief business correspondent told Westminster World...

UK life expectancy projected to hit 100 for first time in 2064

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The Office of National Statistics has published data, indicating that some of us should expect to live to the age of 100 by the year 2064   By the year 2064, women living to the age of 100 will have become the norm, the ONS has said. Projections for UK cohort life expectancy suggest that, adjusting for expected mortality rates in future years, women can expect their life expectancy to rise from about 94 years now to 100 years by 2064. Male cohort life expectancy is expected to lag behind slightly, but is also likely to climb from about 90 years in 2014 to 97 by 2064. Lowered expectations The figures would represent a continuation of a long-running trend for the UK; life expectancy rising to new all-time highs. The statisticians at the ONS are regularly projecting th...

Swedish authorities to question Julian Assange

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Ecuador has agreed to allow Swedish authorities to visit Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at their embassy in London     It is understood that Swedish authorities have been able to broker a deal with Ecuador, allowing them to visit the Ecuadorian embassy in London, to question Julian Assange. Mr Assange, founder of Wikileaks, fled to the Ecuadorian embassy in London back in 2012. Swedish authorities had wished to extradite Mr Assange, over allegations of sexual assault, dating back to 2010. Mr Assange has denied the allegations, and also feared that extradition to Sweden would result in eventual extradition to the United States, where he believes he would be put on trial, for leaking sensitive US documents via Wikileaks. This development comes after allegat...