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Social Media pay tribute to the fifth Beatle

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George Martin, the English record producer best known to be the one who signed the Beatles to a recording contract after every other British record company turned them down, died on Tuesday. He was 90.   The death of George Martin who was known as the “fifth Beatle,” was announced on Twitter on Wednesday morning by the group’s drummer, Ringo Starr. God bless George Martin peace and love to Judy and his family love Ringo and Barbara George will be missed xxx ?✌️??☮ — #RingoStarr (@ringostarrmusic) March 9, 2016 Prime Minster David Cameron called him "a giant of music" Sir George Martin was a giant of music - working with the Fab Four to create the world's most enduring pop music. — David Cameron (@David_Cameron) March 9, 2016   Many music producers

Artificial intelligence wins again in latest Google Go challenge

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Google’s Artificial Intelligence program AlphaGo has defeated the world champion Lee Sedol at board game Go in the first of five games. The victory in Seoul marks another breakthrough for artificial intelligence following the software’s previous five-nil win over European champion Fan Hui. Mastering the ancient Chinese board game has long been considered a grand challenge for artificial intelligence programs owing to its vast complexity and reliance on player intuition and creativity. Similar programming efforts have struggled to compete at the level of human amateurs despite many years of difficult work. AlphaGo’s victories have beaten expert predictions of accomplishing the feat by at least a decade. Founder and CEO of Google’s DeepMind division, Demis Hassabis, is responsi

Child Protection Sill Needs Improvement says HMIC

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) has today published a post inspection review on child protection work carried out by West Yorkshire Police.   HMIC were keen to point out that although West Yorkshire police had made improvements, there were still many areas for concern. One of the main issues raised was that children continued to be delayed unnecessarily in police custody. HM Inspector of Constabulary Mike Cunningham said: “the force needs to improve its understanding of why it detains children in custody. Although there were some good practice in this area, five of the seven cases inspectors looked at, where a child was detained in custody, were judged to require improvement.” Stricter regulations concerning child protection and welfare came about af

Cyclist champion Pendleton is an accident waiting to happen

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 Victoria Pendleton's safety is being questioned as she waits approval to compete at the Cheltenham Festival Victoria Pendleton will find out today whether she will compete next week at the Cheltenham Festival. Last week the Olympian gold medalist cyclist switched jockey won her first race on the 5.4 favourite Pacha Du Polder at Wincanton. She led all the way to win by 29 lengths. “I feel honoured to ride such a horse” Pendleton said: “I really wanted to get round and give him the ride he deserved”. In a series of twists and turns she has recently come under criticism for unseating in her next ride in a point to point at the weekend. A former champion jockey John Francome said: " She wants saving from herself. I've never met her, she seems a lovely girl but she can't ride and sh
Sadiq Khan: A feminist London Mayor?

Sadiq Khan: A feminist London Mayor?

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London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan marched with hundreds of Londoners at Care International's annual walk through the City of London on Mother’s Day. Sadiq Khan walked in solidarity with an international line-up of celebrities that was led by women activists Annie Lennox, Helen Pankhurst and Bianca Jagger. The day included a variety of speeches from author and Founder of Women for Refugee Women, Natasha Walter; Leyla Hussein on female genital mutilation as well as comedy from Bridget Christie and live music from Sister Sledge. Sadiq Khan to be "feminist" London Mayor:  Video - Yee-Liu Williams   Asked what changes would he make for women if he were to be successful, Khan vow
President Hollande warns Brexit might have “consequences”

President Hollande warns Brexit might have “consequences”

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French President François Hollande has warned Britain that leaving the EU could result with “consequences” for both UK’s economy and immigration matters. President Hollande has highlighted his hopes for Britain to stay in the EU during a summit with PM Cameron. The French president warned that Brexit might mean “consequences” for the UK, including the prospect of a border relocation. Earlier today, French economy minister Emmanuel Marcon threatened that France might be tempted to tear the agreement made with the British border police in the case of a vote to leave during next June's EU referendum. Le Touquet agreement is a bilateral treaty made with France which allows British police to operate on the French side of the border. It is aimed at avoiding immigrants from travelling

Stars make bold choices at the Oscar’s red carpet

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The 88th Academy Awards was a memorable night for the world of fashion, as many stars on the red carpet made bold choices. Some of the biggest brands like Versace, Armani, Ralph Lauren and Dior were the usual favourites. For this year’s Oscars, bright and dark colours were the new trend. Here's how social media reacted to it. All eyes on Naomi Watts on the #ERedCarpet! What do you think @MelRivers will think of this look on #FashionPolice? — Fashion Police (@e_FashionPolice) February 29, 2016 Olivia Munn putting a little too much pepper on the comedy there. — Michael Ian Black (@michaelianblack) February 29, 2016 Enough about Leo, let's talk about her. Rachel McAdams. goddess — Fernando Flores (@fafloresmo

The 88th Academy Awards: As they happened…

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The 88th Academy Awards kicked off last night with host Chris Rock taking the helm this year. Alejandro G. Iñárritu's The Revenant was the favourite to win Best Picture but with a surprise win from Spotlight and Leonardo DiCaprio's Best Actor win it all made for a rather exciting ceremony. It was finally Leo's year! This is the Oscars as they happened... Nominees for the 88th Academy Awards at the Nominees Luncheon. Photo credit: Academy Awards //

IDS: Brexit represents “stride into the light”

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Iain Duncan Smith, the secretary for work and pensions, claimed a Brexit would represent a "stride into the light" earlier today. He made the comments on this morning's edition of the Andrew Marr Show. Mr Iain Duncan Smith, otherwise known as IDS, has been a consistent Eurosceptic, having been part of a group of rebel Tory MPs, opposing the Maastricht Treaty. Mr Cameron had claimed earlier in the week that a Brexit would be a "leap into the dark", a message which chimed with that of the Chancellor, George Osborne. Mr Osborne claimed a Brexit could be an "enormous gamble", as he prepared to meet fellow G20 finance ministers. The comments come, following a few turbulent days in the currency markets, where the Pound dropped against the Dollar and the Euro. Markets often tumble d...
6000 people rallied against Trident. Corbyn: “We are the majority.”

6000 people rallied against Trident. Corbyn: “We are the majority.”

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Thousands of people gathered and rallied to oppose the renewal of Trident in Central London on Saturday. More than 6000 demonstrators, according to both the Met Police and the organisers, took the streets to join the Stop Trident National Demo. People came from all over the UK, with many buses arriving from Scotland. The protest was led by the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, the Stop the War Coalition and other groups supporting refugees, NHS, social housing and climate change. The march started from Marble Arch at 1 pm and ended in Trafalgar Square. Numerous front rank politicians joined the rally, among which Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister of Scotland, Leanne Wood, the leader of the Welsh party Plaid Cymru, Caroline Lucas, a Green Party's MP and the MPs against the Trid...