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Local Council Funding Crisis

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In a recent FOI request by investigative bureau we gain some insight into local authority funding crisis. Since the fall of funding to local councils local authorities have had to find new ways to fund their needs. Before 2016 local authorities had to use money raised from selling public assets (known as capital receipts) to contribute towards debt. They were not able to use this money towards their general budget. However, in 2016 Chancellor George Osborne amended the rules to allow for ‘flexible use of capital assets.’ As a result, local councils began to sell public places such as libraries and community centres to use the capital towards their general budget. Consequently, local residents are left without community owned spaces and local jobs. Below are some staggering insi
The UK is still the largest country to scrutinize the explosive topic of the pay gap

The UK is still the largest country to scrutinize the explosive topic of the pay gap

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2019 has been the second year that all companies and charities in Britain with more than 250 employees - covering almost half the country's workforce - have had to report their gender pay gap to the Government Equalities Office (GEO). 1.How does it work? Employers must submit an assessment of the gap between what man and women earn on average amongst their personnel. The deadline for reporting these numbers each year is 31st March for public sector organisations and 5th April for businesses and charities. All companies must report the differences between salaries and bonus of employees from both genders on a mean and median hourly basis.   2.What surprises did we get? The Fawcett Society, the UK's leading charity campaigning for gender equality and women's rights, has defi...

Getting mugged in London town

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Getting mugged in London town Two weeks ago, I was walking to bond station after finishing a work meeting in Regent Street, I was dragging a camera and tripod holding my phone in my hand while crossing the street I decided to put my phone in my pocket simply for a minute to not slip from my hands and break when someone came up from behind and stole it in this exact moment there, most likely this person was watching me this whole time, something also the police presumed when I went to report what happened the day after. They highlighted the patterns of how pocket pickers use the same methods for phone and wallet robberies and how they wait to do it in traffic lights or right in front of tube stations. My first reaction when I felt someone’s hand in my pocket and then running away in less
Need magic to escape from modern life? Adults are loving children’s books too

Need magic to escape from modern life? Adults are loving children’s books too

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Children and young adult’s book markets are increasing, and according to a Writers and Artists article by Chris Kloet, editor at Walker Books, around 10,000 new children’s titles are published in the UK every year, and there is also a current vogue for “young adult” novels. But can this be only attributed to the children and teenagers’ reading habits? Siobhan Curham, author and writing coach, said: “Young adult books blur the line between children’s and adult books because there is a big cross-over, with many adults reading them.” What distinguishes a children's and a young adult’s book? Joshua Cartwright, who works for Wealdstone Library and also is a writer of children's books, defined it as “books with stories or information which is understandable by the age group that they a