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Canada Goose face ongoing scrutiny from animal rights activists

Animal rights activists are protesting against luxury retailer Canada Goose. The brand has faced increased pressure from organisations such as PETA who have recently exposed the retailer for its cruelty towards animals.

Regent Street, Canada Goose store | Matilde Vieira de Almeida


Canada Goose, Canadian retail company of winter clothing,  has recently opened its first UK store on London’s Regent Street. In most cases this expansion would be good news for the designer company however, Canada Goose have been subject to targeted campaigns from animal rights activists such as PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

PETA, is campaigning against Canada Goose ‘even more than usual’ this winter season as they expose the retailer for its cruelty towards animals.

The organisation claims the coyotes who fall victim to this retailer are caught in ‘bone crushing steel traps.’  In a recent video expose PETA shares graphic detail of how terrified geese are treated by workers at a Canada Goose supplier farm. The video shows how the geese are piled on top of one another, and in an attempt to escape are suffocated to death.

We went onto Regent Street to get the opinion of the people amid talks of this viral video.

Amim Mehadi, 20, shared his views:



The manager on site of the Regent’s Street store agreed to comment on the ongoing protest the store has faced. ‘It’s been going on at this store for almost a year now, but if Canada Goose were to shut down it would’ve done so ages ago. We’ve been established since 1957.’

‘What people don’t understand is the fur is not for fashion it’s for functionality. We use coyote fur because it doesn’t freeze in extreme weather.’

We stopped a customer coming out of the store for her opinion on the recent protest.

She shared her views but refused to be recorded.

“Maybe people will change their habit and reduce buying real fur”

She then added that she had been using the brand for a long time now and she is well aware of their use of animal fur.

“It’s all about being warm, I live in Norway and we have a saying, there is no such thing as bad weather, just a bad jacket. So basically you need to own a fur jacket to survive, but I would support any replacement that does the job really.”


Fur coats in Canada Goose store, Regent Street | Matilde Vieira de Almeida


Canada Goose has been an established brand since 1957, its often described as luxury apparel with some jackets costing as much as £1,395. The retailer which brands itself as offering ‘Parkas for extreme conditions’ stands by its claim that their use of animal fur is purely functional.  PETA on the other hand fail to see how exploiting animals can ever be justified as practical. For customers who live in countries with weather as low as -25 degrees animal skin is the most comforting option, that is for those that can afford it.


Customers in Canada Goose store, Regent Street | Matilde Vieira de Almeida