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Could people answer math problems in dreams?

Scientists successfully establish a two-way dialogue with people during REM sleep. Dreamers can answer simple questions such as “What is two plus one?”

It is believed that dreams are disorderly and illogical, so people can’t think and react rationally while sleeping. Based on previous studies, scientists already knew that one-way contact is attainable. People can receive external stimuli like light and sound.

Two-way communication requires a sleeping person to understand information from outside and respond logically, which is much more complicated. Karen Konkoly, from Northwestern University, worked with her collaborators to experiment by asking people simple questions during lucid dreams (you can realise that you are dreaming) and published a study on February 18 in Current Biology.

Four research groups from America, Germany, France, and the Netherlands invited a total of 36 participants and conducted 158 trials. There was 18 percent of trials responded correctly.

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