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Cameron’s UK deal secured with unanimous support

Cameron has succeeded in securing a UK deal to stay in the European Union with unanimous support from all 28 member states.

Photo credit: Harry Metcalfe, Creative Commons,
Photo credit: Harry Metcalfe, Creative Commons,

Prime Minister David Cameron has finally reached a deal with European Union leaders following two days of negotiation at the EU council summit held in Brussels.

The discussion was key to Cameron’s decision to campaign staying in the EU or opting out. As a result, the British people are due to vote to stay in or out of the EU during a referendum scheduled June this year.

Cameron’s proposed UK deal and reforms reportedly include:

  • Changes to EU migrants’ access to benefits in the UK with a seven-year emergency brake on migrant welfare.
  • Child benefits curbs to claimants from 2020, the right for Britain to opt out from any ambition to a “ever closer union”.
  • Protection for the City of London from regulations which aim at safeguarding the Eurozone countries.

The PM’s plan to secure a deal has been hit by delays caused by several opposing EU leaders’. Cameron was confident to reach an agreement by this morning during a “British breakfast”, but his hopes were later delayed to “dinner time” when the deal was finally announced.

Cameron has scheduled a cabinet meeting for tomorrow in which he will recommend the deal to his government. The PM has already stated that ministers will be free to choose either side in the referendum.

Sub-edited by Aylin Kaya