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BT to create 500 new UK jobs

BT to create 500 new British jobs by 2017 (Credit: Tim Jokl, CC BY-NC 2.0)

Telecoms giant BT has announced plans to create 500 new jobs in North England and Wales.

The company will begin recruiting for customer service representatives at contact centres in Swansea, Warrington, Doncaster, and Accrington.

BT has previously announced a plan to create 1,000 jobs across the UK and Ireland by March of 2017. The new roles will be in addition the proposed number and is part of BT Consumer’s scheme to increase UK-answered calls by 30%.

“We will be recruiting for an extra 500 positions, which will be a dramatic increase in what we said we’d do,” says Libby Barr, the managing director of customer care at BT Consumer.

“We are going to answer 90% of our customers’ calls in the UK and Ireland by the end of March, and we have been taking on great people to fill full time jobs working for BT.”

The news comes in light of the recent report that states more working households are living in poverty than ever before. A record high of one in eight workers (roughly 7.4 million people) are living under the poverty line, despite holding employment.     

“We are proud to be creating these new jobs in the UK and Ireland,” says Barr. “BT is completely changing the way we serve our customers in order to boost our service levels.

Last year, the company created 1,000 UK customer service jobs throughout 20 call centres. The ongoing proposal is part of an effort to improve Ofcom standings regarding customer complaints.