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BT prosecuted over series of roadwork offences

Telecoms giant BT has been prosecuted by Transport for London (TfL) for a series of roadwork offences around London.

The company is being fined thousands of pounds after committing offences at four sites last year, according to TfL’s press release.

BT has pleaded guilty to the following offences that took place in between June and July 2015:

  • Working without a permit in Devonshire Road in Lewisham and Jamaica Road in Southwark
  • Working in breach of permit conditions in Bath Road in Hillingdon
  • Failing to serve a statutory work notice in the course of carrying out works in Colnbrook Bypass in Hillingdon
Photo By David Holt / Flickr
Photo By David Holt / Flickr

The ‘repeat offender’ failed to pay the Fixed Penalty Notices issued and was fined £2,620 on top of TfL’s full prosecution costs of £3,500, giving a total of £6,000.

Garrett Emmerson, Chief Operating Officer for Surface Transport at TfL, said: “BT are repeat offenders – having failed to manage their roadworks properly on a number of occasions. We will always push for the strongest possible action in order to ensure London’s streets are safe and free from unnecessary congestion.”

BT has previously been prosecuted by TfL for 28 offences since 2010, and issued over 650 Fixed Penalty Notices of which 82 were issued in 2015.

In passing sentence, the Judge said: “I have to give consideration to the seriousness of these offences and impact on road traffic particularly given the number of fines previously issued against BT by TfL for similar offences.”