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British Library Debuts Sold Out Harry Potter Exhibit

The British Library inaugurated an exclusive Harry Potter exhibit to celebrate the 20th birthday of the most famous wizard in the world.

In the first week of its opening the exhibit has already completely sold out for the next 10 days and every weekend through February 2018 is completely sold out, which is incredibly telling of the effect the Harry Potter world still has today. The exhibit, named ‘Journey To Where The Magic And Myth Began’ allows you to discover rare books, manuscripts and magical objects as well as original never seen manuscripts from JK Rowling herself.

Video: The British Library taken from Facebook

Alanna Newton, an American student getting her masters at the University of Lincoln stated:

“I am going to the exhibit because I wanted to go the studio tour but they are sold out until January so the British Library was a good alternative for Harry Potter fans and it is a cheaper option especially for a student, I have also heard only great things about the exhibit so I am looking forward to it.”

Student, Shereen AlZeerah also stated:

“I really want to go to the exhibit being a lifelong Harry Potter fan, Ive read all the books and seen all the movies but the exhibit is completely sold out and I have class during the week so I need to find a way to go.”

The millennial generation has grown up with the Harry Potter books, movies, and theme parks and 20 years later it does not seem like the franchise is slowing down.

According to Forbes, over 400 million copies sold worldwide of the books in 68 languages and Harry Potter and the the Deadly Hallows was the fastest selling book of all time. Forbes also stated that the movies are also historic in their own way with every movie except one being in the 50 highest grossing films of all time.

“Growing up, I was surrounded by Harry Potter, lining up for the next book or the midnight premier was part of my childhood, and I think Harry Potter will always be relevant, now a new generation are reading the books for the first time and it appeals to everyone”, stated Alanna Newton.

Photo Credit: British Library by Lisa Leroux

In a survey recently commissioned for the Harry Potter anniversary only the very minority of the public had never heard of the film’s stars Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe, more people had never heard of Taylor Swift, Kanye West and even Kim Kardashian.

According to The Debrief, Harry Potter is not just a household name but something that shaped our lives and our views of the world. Joan Dideon told the website «  We have pegged our values, beliefs, ethics and morals to those of the Hogwarts universe » and for many Harry Potter has been a refuge away from the real world and people have even attributed the books to helping them battle depression.

Outside British Library by Lisa Leroux

According to The Spectator, The Harry Potter universe may even have a correlation with the way our generation views politics and views the idea of good vs. evil and that differences should be celebrated. This can be perfectly seen in Lord Voldemort who wishes to rid the world of all non magical beings and strives for blood purity. It may not be a coincidence then that leaders like Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin are largely unpopular with the millennial generation.

Following the election of Donald Trump a large number of articles comparing the current political atmosphere to the world of Hogwarts, at Harvard University students even launched a « Resistance School » to fight against Trump’s agenda, comparing themselves to « Dumbledore’s Army ».

JK Rowling is also a huge role model for fans of the Harry Potter universe and uses her platform to speak out for and against the things she believes in and has notably gone head to head with President Donald Trump himself.

Harry Potter has been a companion through childhood for most of the millennial generation and it seems that the franchise does not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

The exhibit is set to run through February 2018 proving once again that 20 years after its first release, Harry Potter does not seem to be going anywhere.