Friday, February 26News For London

Boris Johnson’s London home in danger, as floods cause havoc in Islington

Residents in North London were evacuated this morning as high-end properties worth millions of pounds in Islington were under threat from a deluge of water. Boris Johnson was among those whose houses were submerged in the floods.

The water was at a depth of six feet in the basements of properties on Charlton Place in Angel, Islington at 4am, and about 100 people were evacuated, London Fire Brigade (LFB) said.

Home and shop owners took to social media, reeling from the effects of the damage, caused by the raging waters to their properties this morning. Twitter went viral with tweets addressed to Thames Water showing the magnitude of destruction. Thames Water released a statement on Facebook apologizing for the inconvenience caused.


Torrents of water were shown gushing towards Foreign Secretary Borris Johnson’s multi-million town-house in a video that emerged on twitter earlier this morning. It is unclear whether he was inside at the time.

Resident, Stuart Rock, was woken up by firefighters at 4am as floods swept into his basement. “No physical harm, plenty of emotional upset.” Stuart said. He posted pictures and videos of the ordeal on twitter.

The flood closed a long stretch of the A1 to traffic, between Angel Tube Station and Islington forcing hundreds of commuters to find alternative routes. The closure caused havoc in traffic during the peak rush hour North London earlier today. A spokesperson for TFL said “Upper Street is currently closed and motorists are advised to avoid the area.’ Road closures are in place and are expected to remain for some time.”

Dozens of businesses were submerged by the floods and shop owners expressed their worries of disrupted businesses during the festive season. Ms Holland said: “I’m devastated. We got here at 7.30am – we had seen on a tweet the street was flooded. My shop is inaccessible. All the water is running in.

“I have no idea how much it will cost us. We won’t be open today or the rest of the week probably. We’re going to have to assess the damage when the water goes.

The Green Party spokesperson for Local Transport, Caroline Rusell blamed Thames Water for the burst water main, while Islington Councillor, Richard Watts accused her of political opportunism at the cost of residents.

Amidst growing congestion grievances in the city Thames Water is currently working on repairing the pipeline to restore traffic conditions. A single side on Upper Street is now open to traffic.

Thames Water has also reached out to victims offering teams for support in terms of insurance claims and arranging alternative accommodation.