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Biggest ever changes to Eurovision Song Contest’s voting

This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will have new voting rules, the organiser announced on Thursday.

Credit to Eurovision
Photo: Eurovision

Instead of combining jury votes in one go, votes will be split, with each country being awarded a set of points separately, in the up-coming contest.

Then, public votes will be tallied, and the score of each song will be calculated and announced at the very end.

A video explainer of how the new voting system will work.

This is the biggest change to the voting in the Eurovision Song Contest since 1975. The same voting system will be used in the semi-finals as well.

“All competitions are enhanced by creating a dramatic finish.” Eurovision Song Contest Producer, Christer Björkman, said.

For several years, the audience has known the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest well before the end of voting, as mathematically no other act could catch up.

“In addition to the idea of keeping the surprise element going till the very end, the new voting format also expects that the most popular song will receive the highest points, regardless of how the juries voted,” the EBU’s Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor said.

For the British audience, who have always kept track of how other participating countries have voted, both the scores and the tele-voting will be available after the show on the official Eurovision website.

The Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest will take place in Stockholm on Saturday 14th May 2016.


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