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BBC report alleges foreign aid money being ‘diverted to extremists’


[Photo: Flickr User Freedom House]

UK foreign aid money has been ‘diverted to extremists’ in Syria, a BBC Panorama investigation has found. The investigation claims that funds from Adam Smith International meant for the Free Syrian Police have been used to support extremist groups

ASI is a London based organization whose mission is to facilitate economic growth and government reform. The organisation help set up the FSP in order to bring law and order to regions of Syria controlled by opposition forces.

According to the report, funds from the FSP have made their way into the hand of extremist groups such as Nour al-Din al-Zinki. The report claims that funds meant for the FSP have been used to carry out executions for al-Zinki courts. Other allegations include turning over cash to extremist groups and receiving payment for deceased and made up officers.

Though the ASI has denied the allegations, the UK government has suspending aid to the FSP pending an investigation. The BBC will offer and in depth analysis on tonight’s Panorama.

[Feature Image: Flickr User Freedom House]