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Bana Alabed- Has a peaceful voice been silent?

Bana Alabed, the Syrian girl in Aleppo who has become world famous for her twitter messages has suddenly gone silent. As not only has she stopped tweeting but her account has also abruptly been deleted.

Credit: Flickr/ Kabar Terkini
Credit: Flickr/ Kabar Terkini

Bana, seven, one the many vulnerable children in Aleppo but still unique for her well known connections through  social media has disappeared. Her small messages were very simple and short that often included images of her everyday life in Aleppo and how she felt to the problems they were facing.  The photos included Bana with her brothers and mother and also videos where she is praying to God for help. Those simple messages moved thousands of hearts around the world, that even British author J K Rowling decided to gift her Harry Potter books.

Living in Aleppo amid the bombings and chaos she was seen as a  ray of hope as through her tweeting the world could easily gain an insight on the issues occurring in  the city.  However, the last message tweeted by her mother  has caused alarm.  As it stated “We are sure the army is capturing us now. We will see each other another day dear world. Bye. – Fatemah”. Following which the twitter account has been deleted.

This last concerning and hasty message has raised many questions. It is still not clear whether Bana has been killed or just unable have access to social network.