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Author: Diana Odero

International Women’s Day: Five powerful women to watch in 2016

March is clearly the month for celebration, with Mother's day rising to the occasion on March 6th and International Women's Day following closely on March 8th. Women in power today are setting an example to the world, showing and telling other women that there is nothing they cannot do. 1. Hillary Clinton Hillary Rodham Clinton is a woman who knows what she wants. The wife of former US president, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton went from being first lady to Senator, to putting in her first presidential bid back in 2008. She did not make it into the White House as the leader of the free world but managed to snag the spot of Secretary of State. Patiently waiting her turn, come April 2015 and Mrs Clinton gave it another go. Her slogan - 'Everyday Americans need a champion. And I want to ...