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Asda will be the first supermarket to launch avocados with edible coating to strike food wasting

  Photo by Victoria Capaccio


The American food start up founded in 2012 has helped halves of supermarkets to not waste fresh food thanks to its new technology and will now be available  in UK.

Asda is the first major supermarket in the United Kingdom to use new technologies to reduce food waste. In the United Kingdom, it is estimated that 10 million tonnes of food are wasted, representing 250 million thrown meals. A new technology created by Apeel Science in the United States could help reduce the amount of food wasted each year. This new product, called Apeel Avocado, is designed to protect the surface of each fresh product to slow water loss and oxidation. The coating is found in peels, seeds, pulp of fruit and vegetables and creates a natural barrier. Avocado is known as staying ripe twice as long as usual. thanks to its base which is comestible. The additional benefit is that vegetables and fruits will have lower need of pesticides.

Asda has already done a trial in September of this year by testing the new technology on Peruvian mandarins and in cucumbers. The test has been a promising and as a result, Asda will expend the use of Apeel science technology on its products in 2020.

This new technique will be used for the first time in Europe this week after being approved by the European Commission in June. Large supermarkets in Germany and Denmark already have fruit in stock with a tasteless coating. Food waste in Europe amounts to 88 million tonnes per year. English businessman Ben Elliot shared his opinion and said that “it is crucial to push supermarkets to do more to combat this growing problem”. In 2018, Asda was ranked fourth among the top 10 supermarkets in the United Kingdom for its actions against food waste. Between these supermarkets, Tesco has been ranked number one and Waitrose have been the less good ranked.

The large supermarket has made a reality of its intention to become more environmentally friendly and use only recyclable packaging by 2025 and to drastically reduce food waste by 2030. Nasir Ahmed, produce technical manager at Asda, claimed: “we’re really excited about the potential of Apeel and I am delighted Asda is part of this trial.”

The new product could help to reduce the amount of plastic bags used. Asda contribute to use less plastic products and packaging. Instead, the company has promised to become fully recyclable by 2025. Avocado and other fruits can become the new solution to help reducing plastic. During this period of Christmas, a lot of food is wasted. According to researches, more than 4.2 million Christmas dinner are into bin. Coming with new ecological idea will help to reduce this number for the next festive period.