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Anti-corruption campaigns boosted by FBI’s Blatter investigation

New FIFA Now have renewed their efforts to bring reform to Fifa, following the revelation that Sepp Blatter knew of bribes by International Sports and Leisure in the early 90s.

A letter penned by João Havelange, honorary president of Fifa until 2013 when he resigned in disgrace, came to light on Monday. BBC’s Panorama reports that the letter’s contents state that Blatter was aware of the $100m (£66.2m) paid by the ISL.

The anti-corruption campaign have been using Twitter since the revelation was brought to light, in an attempt to rally followers and casual readers alike to sign their petition against Fifa.

The following tweet by New FIFA Now, has been translated from the original French: ” Help us to change #FIFA in the long term. Please sign our petition.”

With European MPs such as England’s Emma McClarkin and Belgium’s Ivo Belet in their ranks, the campaign has hopes that they will be able to bring about real change to Fifa.

Damian Collins, an MP for Folkestone & Hythe and avowed Fifa reform supporter, stated that it was “totally baffling” that Fifa allowed Ricardo Teixeira to participate in the voting process for deciding the hosts of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.

Ricardo Teixeira had to resign alongside Havelange in 2013 due to bribery claims, of which Blatter claimed to know nothing. Allowing Teixeira access to the voting was therefore a bold move.


Sports ethics campaigner Jamie Fuller has also spoken out to condemn Fifa systematic corruption over the years. Speaking to ABC australia in an interview on Monday, Fuller was categorical in his derision; “It is so toxically corrupt.”

He continued; “and it goes too far down to come up with a reform plan.”

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