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ANKARA: Suicide car bombing kills several

Turkish Health Ministry put the death toll at 37. Over a hundred people are injured or reported missing.

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Moment after the attack. Image source: Hbrci

The explosion that killed several people took place at 18:45pm in the heart of Ankara, the capital of Turkey. Reports state that the deadly explosion took place as the car drove past a bus stop in Kizilay, considered the cities busiest square.

Officials reported one female suicide bomber, who is described as being a member of the PKK being amongst those who died. The Kurdish militant organisation PKK is considered responsible for the brutal terror attack.

Yesterday, Ankara court imposed an immediate ban on Facebook and Twitter after images from the blast scene were shared on social media platforms. A broadcast ban from the scene was also put in place.

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan vowed a war against terrorism.

“Our people should not worry, the struggle against terrorism will for certain end in success and terrorism will be brought to its knees.”

Moments of the attack filmed on CCTV. Video Source:Medya Gundem


 Sunday, the day of the bombing marked the national University entrance exam (YGS) where, according to official reports, 2,178,563 million were listed to enter.

A large proportion of adolescent victims has been confirmed as the identities of those dead and injured are being revealed.

University student Ozancan Akkus is amongst those who lost their lives. Akkus shared the same fate as his friend Deniz Uzatmaz who died during the attack in October last year.

“His biggest dream was to study in Ankara, how could he have known?” Tweeted Ozancan in dedication to his friend who was also a victim of a terror attack in Ankara.

James Taylor, a Brit living in Ankara, shared a Facebook post calling for empathy with the victims. “You were Charlie, you were Paris, will you be Ankara?” he asked. Taylor’s post went viral on Facebook.

1930650_10153985086867170_8051862707908855719_nSource: James Taylor – Facebook. 

‘Ankara’ became a trend topic on Twitter last night. On his personal twitter account, Prime Minister David Cameron shared his condolences to those affected in the attack.

Source: David Cameron’s Twitter 

Sunday’s bombing is the 3rd Ankara attack in the space of 5 months. Previous attacks were carried out by ISIS militants and Kurdish rebellions.

Following President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s vow of a crackdown on terror after Sunday’s attack in Ankara, Turkey has begun security operations against Kurdish rebels in the country’s south-east and in Iraq.



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