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Action Fraud responses to Police Foundation’s Report

Action Fraud, the central reporting hub of the City of London Police, responses to the report on policing of fraud by Police Foundation on 11:45 today, saying that “we will consider the recommendations and agree that more can be done to improve the response to fraud in a number of ways”.

Fraud makes up 31 per cent of all crime in England and Wales. (Picture is from website)

According to the report released in December 2018 by Police Foundation, fraud makes up 31 per cent of all crime in England and Wales, with 3.24 million fraud offences estimated to have taken place in the year to March 2018.  Meanwhile, there are more than half of investigations do not result in a conviction after the crime is reported and 28% of investigations are closed within a month.

More than one-third of victims reported that the impact on them was severe or significant.

Among the victims, those who age 18-39 are the victims in 35 per cent of fraud cases, other data shows.

It also points out that specialist officers despite the crime’s complexity are being shorted of and only three per cent of fraud offenders are brought to justice.

“This report is a response to the fact that fraud is widespread, and although many people think that fraud is a victimless and low-harm crime, it is actually very harmful. ”Rick Muir, Director of the Police Foundation, said.

The City of the London Police says that, in reality, challenges exist in the course of fraud investigations, for example, locating suspects, gathering evidence, or engaging victims.

It also reply that the number of frauds which are allocated for investigation, or which lead to a judicial outcome, will only provide a whole picture of what has been done in tackling fraud by Action Fraud and the City of London Police.

Action Fraud reporting system has been recently re-launched and it focuses on guiding victims of crime to provide the key information required to assess crimes. Victims can list an unlimited number of suspects as well as financial transactions associated with their crime when reporting their crime. It is also available for the registered users to return to their report and update it with new information.

The City of London Police also works with policing nationally to update the national vision and strategy for policing fraud, which will be published next year. It is also mentioned that the Police Transformation Fund has provided specialist fraud training to over 600 investigators across policing.

“Fraud is one of the most prevalent crimes in the UK, and this means that it is not always possible to enforce our way out of the problem, and it is important that law enforcement not only focusses on pursuing suspects but also works to prevent and protect people from fraud ” Commander Karen Baxter of the City of London Police said.