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A quarter of a million raised in two days for Cumbria flood victims


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Screen shot of fundraiser page showing funds raised by 1pm Monday.


Over a quarter of a million pounds has been raised in forty-eight hours by the Cumbria Community Foundation to help recent flood victims in the county.

According to the foundation’s website, a one million pound campaign was launched Saturday, to support communities pounded by Storm Desmond which brought record levels of rainfall to the North of England and Scotland.

By 10am Monday, the foundation’s website showed the donation counter had reached two hundred and ninty-five thousand pounds, 30% of the targeted one million pounds.

Annalee Holliday, Communications Officer for the Cumbria Community Foundation told Westminster news that she expected the fund to reach 300 thousand pounds by the end of day Monday.

She said: “ We’ve had a good response thanks to social media which we have not used before. A lot of the donations were from individuals responding to twitter and our website and we expect donations from businesses and corporations to pick up in the next few days.”

The foundation’s website said The Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund 2015, would go towards assisting individuals or families who suffer financial hardship as a result of the flooding. The money would also help with wider community relief and rebuilding projects.”

Ms Holliday said priority would be given to the most vulnerable like the elderly who are 70 years old and above, parents with young children, and the disabled but no one would be turned away.

Assistance would mainly be in the form of immediate basic needs like clothes, food, shelter, heating “something to get them back on their feet at a time whne they need it most” Ms Holliday said.

Chief Executive of Cumbria Community Foundation Andy Beeforth was quoted in the foundation’s website as saying said:

“It is difficult to assess the scale of the need, but we know that the flooding will cause significant financial hardship and emotional distress. We will convene meetings with the major voluntary groups involved in the recovery and also with major providers of social housing to assess the impact on their tenants”

In floods that affected the same area in 2009 the Cumbria Flood Recovery Fund reported that it managed to raise the targeted 1million Pounds within 10days and went on to increase its target to two million pounds.

However, some well-wishers raised concerns on the Foundation’s website about how far their donations would go in directly impacting current flood victims immediately. One of them wrote:

“How can I be sure that by giving to the Flood Appeal that is how the money will be used and not given to Comic Relief or some other nice prestige projects.”

Ms Holliday responded by saying all current relief funds would go towards flood assistance and grant requests were already being processed. She said funds would be dispersed within two days of application forms being filed.


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Offer of assistance on foundation’s website 

Assistance was also being offered in kind on the foundation’s website, to give much needed skills like electricians and engineers.

The Telegraph website reported that hundreds of families were affected by Storm Desmond. 2,000 properties flooded and 60,000 homes were left without power.