Friday, March 5News For London

Banksy’s mural covered hours after it was sprayed in West London.

Police covered up British graffiti artist Banksy’s new mural highlighting the refugee situation at the “Jungle” camp in Calais.

(c) Jay Belmar
The wooden bands covering Banksy’s piece. (c) Jay Belmar

Placed on a wall opposite to the French embassy in West London, the  stencil showed Banksy‘s depiction of the character Cosette from the musical Les Miserables surrounded by clouds of tear gas.

Our camera was there just after the piece was covered up.

This is how the mural originally looked like

 The barcode underneath  linked to YouTube footage of police throwing teargas on migrants during the raids on the camp earlier this year. 


The Police have confirmed to Westminster World that they covered it up to avoid traffic congestion.

Last month Banksy painted a mural of late Apple founder Steve Jobs as a refugee on a wall at the Calais camp. The mural depicted Jobs as the son of a Syrian migrant on his way to the United States.





Words: Zeyad Salem
Video and photography: Jay Belmar
Edited: Catherine McMaster