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5 key facts about Save Our Rights UK

In a light of a potential third wave of coronavirus hitting the UK, debates around the Covid-related restrictions have never been so high.

Whether we like or dislike politics, none of us has seen the pandemic coming. Hence, we have all become the coronavirus’ victim in one way or the other.

Given this fact, it is undeniable that the government’s plan on tackling the virus has had awful economic and mental consequences.

Coming across grim news on a daily basis, some of you may be tempted to join a protesting movement without being informed on the one you’re signing to.

If you randomly came across this article wondering what Save Our Rights UK is, keep on reading and grab a cup of coffee to get your brain in gear!

On a scale from 0 to 5, how much do you know about why and how is this group taking hold in the UK?

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0: Get a bit of context…

More than 30 million people in the UK have had their first Covid jab, levelling up the country to the first place in terms of the number of people vaccinated in Europe.

”Vaccination remains a critical tool to help prevent further illness and death and to control the pandemic

World Health Organisation

So far, the vaccine is the only way out of this pandemic as the vaccines’ efficiency tends to be confirmed.

Furthermore, the World Health Organisation cleared up doubts about the Astrazeneca vaccine through their statement ”The Astrazeneca COVID-19 vaccine continues to have a positive benefit-risk profile, with tremendous potential to prevent infections and reduce deaths across the world.”

However, as the number of people vaccinated rises, so is the number of groups protesting against it. ‘Save Our Rights UK’ is one of the most outspoken one.

Although they deem themselves as the ‘savers of democracy’, isn’t the use of ‘plandemic’ and ‘scamdemic’ a dangerous path to falsehoods and misrepresentation?

At first sight, she is a normal 34-year-old mum-of-four from Brighton. Nevertheless, Louise Creffield is at the head of Save Our Rights UK: a group that denies the existence of coronavirus along with the efficiency of any vaccine released so far.

As a result, they consider the wearing of masks as useless and the implementation of lockdown as destructive.

   1: Emerging movement

Piers Corbyn, walking down Oxford street in protest against the coronavirus restrictions.
Credit: Naima Tazergha

Despite having 12,1K followers on Instagram and 28,7K followers on Facebook which could potentially be less than many influencers have, SORUK’s expansion is real.

They have been funding themselves through donations but a new social media platform has been launched. Called Autarki, you must pay £20 for a year’s fee or £2 per month to be part of it.

In doing so, the movement is clearly determined to gain ground. Plus, Louise Creffield got an interview with Tory MP Desmond Swayne. This actually says a lot about the expansion of this movement.

In fact, when an MP backs a movement, whatever political side he is from, it gives the group a huge promotion.

Watch the full interview here:

2: They aim to change the system

‘Once the sort of totalitarian state gets its claws into you’. Surely the most striking claim made by Desmond Swayne during Louise Creffield’s interview.

By skilfully using history-related vocabulary, SORUK and the MP shed a dark image of the country’s system.

The movement goes as far as claiming ‘We do not live in a democracy nor do we have a voice.”

Although views on this matter may differ depending on your definition of ‘democracy’, stating that no democracy exists in the UK is clearly inaccurate.

3: SORUK warns Britons are losing their freedom

The Coronavirus Act 2020 and the wide sweeping powers granted by it have infringed upon our Human Rights and has been used with no prior Parliamentary scrutiny.

On SORUK’s website, the group members are speaking to people’s hearts.
In a challenging and lonely time such as this, getting people convinced or at least agreed seems to be the ideal way to fool them. 

In the interview with Desmond Swayne, one debate involved whether the protection of life was more important than being stripped off freedom to get out of lockdown.

The MP defined it as a ‘Perverse set of priorities’ and here again, uses shocking terms to get you hooked and play with your fears.

SORUK vows not to be extreme or dangerous. To make you believe it is okay to join the movement, they define their attachment to the freedom of speech as ‘A mechanism that we have in place.”

In this case, she was talking about elderly people who abide by the new Covid-related rules and she insists SORUK will support them no matter their beliefs. 

4: The movement seeks to dispose of Covid-related side-effects

Many feedbacks from members who have recently joined in are available on their website. Amongst them, you may find this one: 

I cannot tell you how important this group has been for my mental stability! It’s been SO massively important to me personally, to know that I’m “not the only one”. All of this could so easily have destroyed me, I’m so deeply depressed by this and it affects my every waking moment

Given this statement and the layout of the main problems the UK is facing, SORUK claims the following: ‘’The impact of the lockdown measures and legislative changes that have occurred under the guise of the Coronavirus Act 2020 have had a devastating effect on people’s lives.”

Although the surge of mental health issues is undeniable and needs to be addressed quickly, the website does not mention the people who have had serious legal penalties as a result of SORUK members being outlaw.

5. The Covid-related restrictions is not their only concern

In getting the website well-organised, the movement seeks clarity. They describe themselves as the solution, laying out problems as a first attempt to describe their battle.

In the first website section entitled ‘Issues’, Save Our Rights UK mentions their first focus and this is presumably not coronavirus: ”SORUK is primarily focused on legislative and Human Rights issues.”

In fact, staying healthy during the pandemic is one of their main concerns as they launch diet-related articles on their website.

More here:

The reason they are launching non-related coronavirus articles is to get rid off the accusation that SORUK uses the pandemic as a way to gain ground by showing off they have other concerns.

However, the group started on Facebook at the beginning of March 2020 and is making Covid-related restrictions their main battle at the moment.

SORUK has always come forward with theories claiming coronavirus is a scam or part of a plan. In doing so, social platforms such as Facebook pulls videos from the group as the social media declares it “violated our Covid-19 misinformation policies.”

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