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35 health and safety complaints over Sainsbury’s “plug boy” Christmas Advert

The Advertising Standard Authority (ASA) has received 35 complaints over the “plug” boy. The moment that “plug boy” launched himself into a huge socket in the wall to turn on all the decoration became a sensation on social media.

The plug Boy launched into a huge socket (Copy right: Sainsbury’s)

The plug Boy launched into a huge socket (Copy right: Sainsbury’s)

The Ads watchdog confirmed that they are assessing the complaints but has not decided to start an investigation on the Ads or not.

Many fans thought that it was one of the best festival advertisements ever. The 10-year-old Harrison Wilmot who dressed as the huge electrical plug became a stand out star, although he only appeared not more that 2 second out of 2 mins ads.

The supporters of the plug boy blamed all the complaints were “ridiculous” and those people complained about ads were trying to ruin Christmas.

Clare said,” people seriously need to get a life if they’re complaining about the plug boy from Sainsburys advert. If your kids are throwing themselves at plugs, I think you need to look your parenting and no complain about the advert.”

Some even copied their fancy-dress costume.

The Big Night, the 2018 Sainsbury’s Christmas Ads, has launched on YouTube on 11st November. Since now, it has more than 4 million views.

The Big Night Sainsbury’s Christmas 2018 (Copy right: Sainsbury’s)

The Big Night told a story about a little girl dressed as the North star. She was nerves to perform for her mum and other audiences. She was support by a huge group of kids aged 6-11, who were dressed as Christmas decorations and completed the show.

In the behind the scenes of the Christmas ads, all the actors and actresses and their parents as the audiences of the performance told their thoughts about the process of the creation.

Behind the scene of The Big Night (Copy right: Sainsbury’s)

“It is really cool when I saw it, I was like ‘this is confusing I am a plug.’” The “Plug” said, “When my parents see the performance, they’re going to excited. They’re going to be like, ‘Oh! That’s our son! That’s our son.”

The “Plug’s” Mum was so proud of her son, said “I didn’t know really what to expect at all. I did think he was the most adorable little plug ever. Absolutely loved it! It was great.”

Sainsbury’s has not given any comment on this.