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10 Ways to surprise your mum on Mother’s Day

Every time a child is born so is a mother. Mother’s Day is to commemorate those great mothers and to appreciate them for bringing you to this world. It is an important occasion to spend quality time with your mother. Here are 10 ways to make your mum smile. Reporter: Alex Xi Zhang. Sub-editor: Tara Mearsheimer

1. Makeup Magnet Board

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Source: Laura Thoughts

Being a mother is a busy job. They may have not time to put make-up on. Help your mother save time finding make-up products by creating a make-up magnet board.

2. Mother’s Day Cocktails

Source: Brit + Co

Forget about coffee and bacon, just give your mother some leisure time to enjoy something luxurious and tasty.

3. Generation Photo Frame


Don’t forget your Grandma on Mother’s Day. You can also make her day very special. It is to memorize the moment of being a mother.

4. Photo Pendant Necklace


Jewellery too expensive? Make an easy and cost-effective necklace like this one. It will mean more and be a great keepsake.

5. Cook for your Mother

Asparagus Quinoa Cake and Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict 500 1002

Holidays are always associated with food. Let your mom sit down and serve her a great taste of Mother’s Day. Closetcooking’s 50 Mother’s Day recipes provide various dishes for easy cooking.

6. Kleenex + Markers = Tissue Flowers

Source: The Mother Huddle

If you run out of time and forget to prepare a proper gift for Mother’s Day, here’s an emergency solution. The Mother Huddle, a bouquet of beautiful carnations is easy to make in four simple steps.

7. A Kiss, A hug, An I Love You!

Source: Theresa Martell

There is nothing better than to give a kiss, a hug or say, “I love you” to your mother. These simple moves can really warm her heart.

8. A letter

Photo Credit: Alex Xi Zhang

Sometimes, words can deliver deeper feelings. Express your love in a letter if you are too shy to tell them face to face.

9. Make a Phone Call

Photo Credit: Alex Xi Zhang

If you are far away from home, make a phone call. There is no excuse to say no in this digital age. Again, appreciation and love need to be said out loud.

10. Game Time with Mother

Source: Women’s Ministry Tool Box

Play games with your mother to bring all the family together. Women’s Ministry Tool Box offers Mother’s Day version of Pass the Package. Have fun!